Our adorable Bolonka girl Whistle (6 lb) had her first litter on May 1, 2017. Mother and puppies are doing well. There are three pups, all boys. Check out the puppy cam to see how  cute they are. They haven't been too active yet but last night (2 a.m.) I saw them running and fighting for the first time ever. Two pups are spoken for, but the pup with the yellow collar is the one still available.  Sire of this litter is Nikolai (4.5lbs).

Whistle is probably the most determined, strong-willed dam we have ever had. When we went into the whelping 'suite' (my office closet) she headed across the room to an old dirty dresser drawer with a smelly blanket in it and which had served as a bed for any dog hanging out with me. But I insisted Whistle whelp her pups in the sterile environment I had prepared for her. Heat light to warm the pups, clean paper pee pads for the bed, rags and water for cleaning, and a scale to weigh her puppies. When I left her she had her puppies all cleaned up and nursing, lights on and camera going. Next morning I go to see the new family and find the whelping suite EMPTY. And guess where she had taken her pups? Right on! Across the room in the dirty drawer with the smelly blanket! How did she do that?? She scaled a 2 ft fence with a puppy in her mouth, crossed the room and jumped the high side on the drawer she made a nest in. She was happy as a clam. I left her there for a few days, maybe a week. She would have just taken them back there first chance she got. She still tries to pick the smallest puppy up if he goes too far away. She had a meltdown when I introduced the puppies to the rest of the dogs.     

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