FRYR, What a sweetheart!! Fryr has always hung out with people. He gets so excited to see me that he assumes the 'play' position and talks to me. He loves it when I talk back, lol. At 5 years he knows what it's all about. If my lap is empty he will show up in a nanosecond. Fryr is neutered, walks on a leash, and goes to bed by himself. If you want a super guy who wants a person he can be glued to, this is could be the dog you've been waiting for.  $300 

Bolonka For Sale

FELICE, is a five-year old girl (Purebred Bolonka) who has produced some wonderful puppies. I did not even plan on breeding her in the first place as she was way too shy, I thought. But she hung around and kind of grew on me. It turns out she has been a wonderful dam who has been a sensitive and caring mother. Family life has been good for her and she asks for attention from every stranger now, even if she feels the need to go into the closet first. $300

ULVA, is our most unique dog yet! She is a purebred Bolonka with straight hair! I don't know how often this happens, but I've never seen it before. At year and a half, Ulva is part puppy and part grown-up. She used to live in a closet but she is in the middle of things these days, with her head and tail held high. Ulva needs a home where she will have plenty of company and not be left alone for long periods of time.

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