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We did not know about the Tsvetnaya Bolonkas until about 2009. Couldn't resist! Now when I try to choose between

the two I'm stumped. How could you choose which one of your children to give up? We love these little guys! To me, they look like colored Maltese. Sooooooo adorable and soooooo much a lapdog! Mind you, Bolognese can be nice lapdogs too, but these little ones could curl up in any sized lap, for sure. Often called the 'anti-depression dogs, they

are so joyful you just can't help put a smile on your face when you're around one.

Here we are nestled into a pine forest and breeding the most loveable dogs ever!

There is now no reason to leave home! 

Our Bolognese have been with us since 2005. We were determined to introduce these dogs to Canada so we've had quite a few Bolognese over the years. That is mostly because people didn't know the breed and we weren't sure how to let a lot of people know that we were around. Our dogs are not accepted by CKC or AKC, but they can be shown in Rare Breed shows. Actually, they can now be shown at AKC shows in the Miscellaneous category. That is the first step to acceptance. Most of our dogs are good show dogs but most people want them for pets. They are good therapy dogs, do well in Agility and Obedience training, and are just real easy to train. Why? Because they want to please YOU. They want to be Velcro dogs, so early training to avoid separation anxiety is needed. 

People often ask us what a BoloBaby is, as if it is a breed of its own! When we were first looking for information and

for our first pups I couldn't think of a name for our kennel. Many breeders call Bolognese 'Bolos' so I named my file Bolo Babies, never intending to keep the name. Eventually the time came when I had to put something in writing and

by then I was so used to calling my File that name that I just used the name. Imagine how happy I was when I found

the Bolonkas! They are adorable and they fit right in!